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FISHER from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Frazier, Fisher, and Fallon were born in February 2011, August 2013, and September 2014, respectively. These siblings entered state care in 2018 after being raised in abusive and neglectful circumstances by their grandparents. They now live in two neighboring foster families, so the children see each other every day. Upon her return from abroad, their biological mother recently visited, but the social workers overseeing the case do not believe that she has the resources to regain custody and take care of the children. A family considering their adoption must be prepared for the long-term effects of developmental trauma. FRAZIER is a healthy boy who received a surgical lens implant for a traumatic cataract in his left eye in 2019. Despite an assessed 50% vision impairment in the affected eye, his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are well developed. Frazier is a responsible and hardworking student who acquires the academic material with ease but could be better motivated for independent work. From time to time, Frazier can be distracted in class and his teachers work with him to improve his focus and organization. An extroverted and radiant child, Frazier interacts well with others, makes conversation, participates in group activities, and maintains friendships. He keeps a clean and tidy appearance and has good self-esteem. Frazier is closely attached to his foster mother but has a positive attitude toward adoption. Fisher and Fallon live together in the same foster family. When they were placed there, both were nonverbal with limited skills in all areas. They have been diagnosed with mild developmental delay, most noticeably in expressive language. The children live in a bilingual village in a family of ethnic minority which may also impact their progress with speech. Fisher and Fallon work with a speech therapist, special education teacher and psychologist at school, but do not receive additional private services and likely are not primarily hearing and using their country’s predominant language in the foster home. FISHER is an impulsive boy with well-developed gross motor skills. He struggles to participate in joint activities because he does not follow the rules, shows aggression toward other children, and exhibits emotional outbursts. While he can communicate verbally, others have a hard time understanding him and it is difficult to maintain a reciprocal conversation due to Fisher becoming distracted. His attention span is short, and he has difficulties with distinguishing visual stimuli, sequencing, orientation in space, making connections between multiple factors, etc. Fisher’s foster family often does things for him rather than teach or require that he accomplish it himself. FALLON is an energetic and charming girl. While she has a variety of gross motor skills, her agility and dexterity are limited. Fallon learns slowly and needs many intensive repetitions. She requires constant structure and support from others and does best when working one on one with an adult. Fallon seeks interactions with peers and is well accepted at school but is often involved in conflicts. Fallon’s understanding of the world is very limited, and she is most comfortable communicating about every day, familiar topics. Fallon is attached to her foster parents and relies on their help. Because of their personal histories Frazier, Fisher and Fallon struggle with sharing and are very protective of their belongings. They are closely attached and constantly seek each other’s attention and company. It appears that these siblings are not receiving the proper stimulation or direction in their foster homes and would benefit from a permanent placement into an experienced adoptive family that can provide them with the stability, structure and love as well as with all interventions and therapies they need to thrive. Rosanne Keep, Waiting Child Profile Developer Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Morocco, Serbia and Ukraine Pre & Post-Adoption Services available to NY and NC residents Ph: 336.899.0068
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