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Mia from European Union



from European Union

Sisters Mia and Maren were born in September 2004 and February 2007, respectively. Mia has been diagnosed with myopia, for which she wears glasses. She has very low, if any, vision in her left eye. Maren has been diagnosed with bilateral strabismus and decreased vision. The girls endured very poor living conditions and extreme neglect when under the care of their biological family. They have resided with a foster family since late 2017 and since then, both have made significant progress in language and social skills, academics, and self-care. MIA is a cheerful, polite, quiet girl who relates well to others and has many friends in the neighborhood and at school. She has worked hard to compensate for her academic gaps. As a 9th grade student in 2019/2020 despite having to shift to remote education due to the COVID pandemic, Mia continued to receive very good marks. Mia enjoys doing crossword puzzles, listening to music, watching TV, singing folk songs, and playing outdoors with her friends and her sister. MAREN is a shy girl whose speech can be difficult to understand especially when she is nervous or rushed. She has largely overcome her fear of reading aloud but would benefit from speech therapy. She attended 6th grade in the 2019/2020 school year, where she worked with a resource teacher and psychologist. Maren likes to play volleyball and soccer, listen to music, watch TV, and play outside with her friends and Mia. In spite of their difficult start in life these sisters have shown such motivation and potential. They both strongly desire and deserve a forever family to care for, encourage, and love them.
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