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Solomon from European Union



from European Union

Solomon was born with first degree prematurity in November 2016 and has been diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, disorder of motor function, and expressive and receptive language disorder. His development is significantly delayed. Solomon only recently started working with a speech therapist but receives no other interventions. Solomon’s movements are unstable, and his visual-motor coordination is lacking, but he has learned to walk when held by the hand and can even master a few steps unassisted. He is nonverbal and has difficulty maintaining reciprocal interactions with others. He does not make eye contact or follow instructions. Solomon’s imitation and play skills as well receptive language are poor. Solomon eats only smoothly pureed food and cannot self-feed. He is not potty-trained. A stubborn and restless child, Solomon is constantly on the move, struggles to fall asleep and performs stereotypic movements with his hands. When things do not go his way, Solomon tantrums. Solomon likes to listen to music as much as possible. He also enjoys being taken for walks and car rides. Observing movement in his environment, such watching passing trains, has a calming effect on him. Solomon lives in a foster family where he shows attachments and can be loving and sweet. While he enjoys physical affection with them, he can sometimes hurt others with his uncoordinated strength. A family considering this child should consult with an international adoption doctor regarding autism and other potential future diagnoses for this child.
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