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Tessa from European Union



from European Union

Tessa was born in April 2007 and lived with her family of origin until 2018. Now residing in a group home, Tessa is healthy and typically developing. Currently an 8th grade student, Tessa copes adequately with the academic material and her favorite subject is literature. She shows stable attention, abstract and logical thinking, and a good imagination. Tessa has a rich knowledge about her environment and daily life. She respects authority and handles stressful situations well although she struggles when receiving criticism. Tessa communicates easily with peers and adults but does not like to get involved with other people’s conflicts and problems. Nonetheless, she has formed lasting friendships with carefully selected peers and will offer help when needed. Despite exhibiting leadership qualities, Tessa prefers individual activities, such as painting, or spending time with younger children. Tessa is self-aware and has formed a personal identity. She sets goals for her future and hopes to be adopted.
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