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Ursa from European Union



from European Union

Sisters Uma and Ursa were born in December 2004 and January 2007, respectively. They lived with their biological family until April 2016, when they were placed into a crisis center. They now reside at a group home. Both girls are healthy and typically developing, but experienced physical abuse prior to entering state care. UMA is an excellent student who wishes to attend college. She shows particular interest in photography, reading, dance, and preparing desserts. Uma is described as a mature and compassionate teen with realistic self-assessment. She is mentally resilient and stable in overcoming conflicts and as such serves as a leader and arbitrator among her peers. Uma is purposeful and ambitious, excelling in all subject areas of the 9th grade. URSA is a polite and intelligent girl who attends 7th grade and shows a good grasp of the academic material. She’s a very sociable teen who enjoys interactions with peers in-person and online, surfing the internet, playing video and other electronic games, and music. She’s interested in fashion, make-up, and hair. Ursa is generally well-balanced emotionally and follows the rules, but she shows some age appropriate opposition to things like homework and discipline at school and has struggled with the social restrictions of the COVID pandemic. Ursa likes to be praised and encouraged. These beautiful girls share a strong emotional bond and wish to be adopted together.
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