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Vito from European Union



from European Union

Vito was born in March 2008 and lived with his family of origin until October 2018. While physically healthy, as of June 2021 he has been diagnosed with “psychic disorder of behavior and school state” for which he was prescribed Speridan. Vito’s early life experiences and lack of formal schooling have led to slower cognitive development when compared with same age peers, manifested by difficulty focusing, poor active vocabulary, and enormous academic gaps. Vito is a generally cheerful boy who interacts well and participates in group activities but lacks emotional control when angry or disappointed. He can be redirected through calming activities, such as walks, or verbal guidance. As a sixth-grade student, Vito struggles to read and write and has not yet mastered the multiplication tables. He is not showing proper discipline during school hours and is often truant. At the group home, Vito strives to be respectful and seeks the attention of others. He gets along well with the other boys at the center and is a helpful and adaptable preteen. Vito loves to play soccer and computer games as well as spending time outdoors.
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