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DENNIS from Florida



from Florida

"Green eighteen. Green eighteen. Set. Hut." Is how the boys favorite football player, Aaron Rogers starts his plays. You will often find these brothers outside playing football or basketball. Green Bay Packers and Patriots are the two teams on which you can find the boys enjoying some brotherly competition in playing Madden NFL 18. Dennis at first would be described as the quite brother. It takes Dennis time to become comfortable with new individuals but once her opens up Dennis is a goofy, loving, and sweet big brother. Dennis likes staying active and enjoys outdoor activities. Dennis states that his favorite outdoor activity is fishing as it is serene. He refers to fishing as a battle, which involves equal amount of peacefulness and patience rolled into one. Lazarus is very outgoing. It doesn't take Lazarus long to begin to open up. Lazarus is a happy, silly, lovable boy. Three-pointers, alley hoops, dunking are all things you could find Lazarus practicing on the basketball court. Lazarus loves to play basketball with his brother, friends, or alone. The boys would like to be adopted together. Dennis and Lazarus' new forever family must also be open to letting them maintain appropriate relationships with siblings who have been previously adopted. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" is their chose motto.
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