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Enoch from Florida



from Florida

Enoch is a friendly, outgoing, and caring thirteen-year old boy. He is gregarious, considerate of others, and is a real team-player. He has formed lasting friendships with peers, teachers, and counselors he has encountered throughout his life. Enoch has a wide, bright smile and joins in activities very enthusiastically. He is very intelligent, and, despite his visual needs, he is keenly aware of his surroundings and the feelings of others. In 2019, Enoch participated in a summer music program at which he was exposed to a variety of musical instruments. Enoch quickly gravitated to the bass guitar where he amazed the instructors with his innate ability. Since that time, Enoch has participated in several musical productions and is currently taking private bass guitar lessons. In spite of his severe visual needs, Enoch participates in many activities enjoyed by sighted children. He enjoys basketball, swimming, music, and electronic games. Enoch also loves pets and enjoys walking the dogs in the yard at his foster home. Enoch is a sixth-grade student at a public middle school. Enoch is primarily a braille reader and uses audio as his secondary method of learning. One of Enoch's preferred classes is math, because working with numbers come easily to him. He uses his incredible memory to do quite a bit of mental math. Enoch likes a school setting and attending class with other students; however, he is unique in his current placement. Enoch wishes he could attend a school which specializes in the education of children with visual needs. Enoch has an older half-brother with whom he has a strong relationship. Enoch really comes to life in the company of friends and peers. Enoch never forgets a friend and his friends never forget him. Enoch recognizes old friends after they have spoken only a few words. The ideal family for Enoch will be one that loves him unconditionally, gives him a sense of belonging and permanency, provides proper guidance and counselling, ensures continuation of treatment, and affords him the opportunities and encouragement to further develop his talents, relationship skills and moral character.
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