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April from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

April is a friendly and outgoing teen who has light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She enjoys singing and being the center of attention. She likes to listen to pop, rap, and country music and her favorite artist is Justin Bieber. She often seeks one on one time with the adults in her life, whether it is going shopping or helping to clean around the home. April loves to help cook and bake, and is excited to learn many of the other independent living skills she will need for adult life. April receives special education classes and is thriving in her current academic placement. She also likes drawing, art, and doing arts and crafts projects including crocheting. April follows the latest fashion trends and enjoys going shopping and doing her make-up. She is a grateful girl, consistently showing appreciation for the gifts and clothing given to her. She likes to watch scary movies, but also really enjoys romantic comedies. April is looking for a family who will include her in family activities and can give her individual attention. Specifically, she would like to go on family vacations, have family dinners, and have family game nights. She is also looking for a family that can be a resource for her as she approaches adulthood as she will likely require ongoing support into adulthood. April has bi-weekly visitation with her biological parents and occasional visits with her sister; April would like contact with her birth family to continue after adoption. A family for April should be able to support April's wishes in maintaining her connections. April is not yet legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. For more information about April, please contact her caseworker, Justine, at