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Kameron from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kameron is open-minded and looks forward to experiencing new adventures with his forever family. Kameron has a wonderful imagination and is very passionate about writing his own comic books and expresses his creativity through his art. He loves exploring nature and going on hiking adventures. He is athletic and enjoys playing basketball, swimming, and running. Kameron is especially fond of riding his bike and working on his swimming skills. Most of all, Kameron likes to be busy and interacting with others. He is also a huge fan of Pokemon and would love to go on a Pokemon Go walk with you! Like many boys his age, Kameron also loves video games and his favorites are Minecraft and Terraria. Kameron is a bright young man and is capable of working towards grade level work. At times, he finds schoolwork to be a bit of a challenge. He will need a fun loving family who will provide him unconditional love, support and encouragement. Kameron is open to all families and would do best in a home being the only child or with children his age or older. Kameron would enjoy living in the suburbs or rural area where he can ride his bike and enjoy nature walks. He genuinely wants to be adopted and find his forever family so he can stay in one place and truly be cared for. Kameron is not legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights.
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