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Ricardo from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

I'm Ricky! Doesn't that sound better than Ricardo? My friends know that. I really like football and basketball. I played a lot when I was a kid; I guess I kind of got good at it. It'd be awesome to be a famous player like Curry on the Golden State Warriors, or someone like Big Ben! I like to watch all their games too. I have other things I like to do. Cooking is great because you can make whatever you want the way you want it! I like hot, spicy foods; so I would put jalapenos in what I cook! I know Spanish kind of food is known for that, but jalapenos work in other recipes too! Southern fried chicken can be good when it's spicy! I just had a sausage sandwich the other day with a pile of jalapenos on it. MMmm. I might go to cooking school after I graduate this school year. It'd be nice to have a restaurant of my own with all spicy foods! I'm a good student; I may go to college instead of cooking school. I had fun recently at a local county fair. You can see some of it on my video. I came pretty close to winning a HUGE stuffed flamingo. I had to get a basketball in an OVAL hoop! The ball bounced all around the hoop about four times, and it almost went in! Could have had a flamingo? Oh well. I bet my girlfriend would have liked it!!! I'm looking for a family who would do things with me, but give me a little space too. We could go to pro games together, cook together, or even work on keeping the house looking nice. I would like to go to a movie or a school game once in a while with my friends too, though. The best family for me would be more traditional, with one or two parents. Siblings my age or older would be fun too. Animals are okay. I've been doing well on my own for a long time; I would like a family of my own to be there for me now. Parental rights have been terminated for Ricky. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Marian Kolcun, via telephone or email
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