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Saleem from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Saleem is nurturing, caring, and loves helping others. Saleem is different from most children his age in that he enjoys helping with chores around the home. He is a fan of the outdoors, sports, and super heroes. If Saleem had the option to play by himself or in a group, he would definitely choose to play with others. Saleem has a loving personality and he makes friends very quickly. He enjoys being creative by playing with building blocks and he also enjoys some forms of acrobatics. Saleem is known to be a protector and will stand up for anyone being picked on. He also does well with younger children and takes on a big brother role with them. Saleem loves chocolate ice cream. Other favorite foods are sausage pizza and grilled hot dogs. He would love to learn how to confidently ride a bike. Saleem said that he would like to attend a great school with nice teachers. Saleem needs a family who is affectionate, active, flexible, and understands that no matter how old you are, you can learn something from someone at any age. He will do well with any family structure and enjoys being around animals. Like everyone, Saleem craves love, support, and affection without conditions. He is legally free for adoption. For more information about Saleem, please have your family worker contact his recruiter, Nicole Bennett, at