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Sha'diamond from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Sha'Diamond is a smart, engaged and thoughtful young woman. She's often quiet when you first meet her, but as you get to know her, and especially as you engage her about her passions, she opens up and can be very outgoing! One of her big passions is make-up. She likes to do her own, and generously offers to help peers as well. Her peers appreciate this because she has quite the talent! Sha'Diamond also really enjoys extra-curricular activities. She's participated in choir and soccer and is interested in trying rugby and lacrosse. She really seems to enjoy soccer in particular and likes to watch the World Cup, and says she always roots for Brazil! When the World Cup isn't on, she likes to watch Lifetime and the ID channels. These seemingly opposite TV choices speaks to who Sha'Diamond is ? she likes a little bit of everything. In the summer, she likes to swim and loves to go to the beach. She says she spends the whole day in the ocean! Sha'Diamond enjoys attending school and does well academically. Her grades have earned her a spot on Honor Roll several times! She says her favorite subject is history because ?history repeats itself.? She also enjoys reading and seems to choose novels that have a message. She seems engaged in what is going on in the world and enjoys young adult books that speak to that. Sha'Diamond strongly wants a mother figure in her life, and would do best in a home where at least one parent is female. She needs a family willing to build a relationship at her pace which likely includes a long visitation and get-to-know-you process. She's been let down in the past, and therefore wants time to get to know a family well before being placed in a home. She's got a very close relationship with her grandfather, with whom she currently has visits, and recently began visiting an Aunt. These family members live in South Central PA and it's important to her that she can maintain these relationships. Sha'Diamond is legally free for adoption. For more information about this fantastic young woman, please have your family worker contact her recruiter, Katie, at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN.