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Shaun from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Can he fix it? Shaun the builder can! Shaun is a kind-hearted young man who greatly enjoys working with his hands. Particularly, he enjoys building things and will be the first in line to participate in any arts-and-crafts project. Shaun is a shy and introverted young man who enjoys eating beef jerky while watching ?The Walking Dead.? He loves animals, especially dogs, and his favorite type of dog is a Pit Bull. Shaun reported that he enjoys being around younger kids and even has some experience babysitting. He would not mind being placed in a home with younger children and finds that he relates to them well. When asked what his top three values are, Shaun replied ?family, friends, and respect.? Shaun hopes that his future adoptive family will treat him with respect by telling him the truth and supporting him in general. Shaun also hopes that his future adoptive family might have access to an area of woods near the family's house. Shaun greatly enjoys walking through the woods and exploring different outdoor trails and paths in the wilderness. He is genuinely very curious about the various creatures and hidden treasures in the woods. Shaun's favorite music genre is rap, his favorite colors are black and red, and his favorite school subject is math. Shaun is doing very well in school and reported that he works very hard to achieve good grades. Are you willing to provide Shaun with permanency and show him that he is truly a loved and valued member of your family? All adoptive resource homes will be considered! Parental rights have been terminated for Shaun. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Jill Archibald, via telephone or email
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