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Sheridan from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Sheridan is a wonderful young lady who is a self-described princess. She is playful, caring, and kind. Sheridan has a passion for dance and music; she can often be found singing and dancing when she is happy. Sheridan hopes to have a career as a singer and her dream is to be a superstar and write music about her life experiences. She enjoys being around people who share her passion for music and is looking forward to having a support system who can enjoy her favorite activities with her. Sheridan also enjoys working on arts and craft projects, drawing, kayaking, gardening, and playing soccer. Sheridan wants to live in a family setting where she is cherished and can be provided love and support. She looks forward to spending time with her family outside, doing crafts, and exploring the world. Sheridan would prefer a single mother as this is what she is familiar with; however, she is open to a two-parent family. She has been a single child in her foster home but states she would enjoy having a younger sister and is open to having siblings of any age and gender. Sheridan hopes she can continue having visits with her biological siblings. She has one older and three younger siblings who she enjoys playing games and spending time with during their sibling visits. Sheridan is free for adoption and is looking for her forever family. For more information about this fantastic young lady, please have your worker contact Kelly Campbell at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN.