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Stefan from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Stefan is a very active young boy who enjoys school and loves playing with balls. Stefan is determined and resourceful and pushes through his limitations as he continues to learn and grow. Stefan can maintain positive relationships with individuals he is bonded with and is a very loving and affectionate boy towards the adults in his life who he cares for. He is able to understand what is being said to him and uses communication forms other than words to connect with others. He is sociable when he is comfortable and feels safe in his environment. He is showing tremendous progress in his current placement. He is looking for a loving, supportive family, to provide him daily support and continue enhancing his development. Stefan may do best with older children in the home. Stefan is legally free for adoption. For more information about Stefan, please call the SWAN HelpLine at 1-800-585-SWAN, or have your worker reach out to his recruiter, Sharita Walton at