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Joshua from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Updated post: This just in! Gladney’s Superkids Program is excited to share new updates on Joshua! As of now in October 2021, Joshua is nearing 8 years old, and he is a true ray of cheerful sunshine! Joshua loves going to school and is a ‘teacher’s pet’. His teacher often praises him and has given him the job of distributing student workbooks because he has memorized the names and student numbers of all his classmates. Joshua is still eager to go to school and has adjusted to taking online classes daily due to the pandemic. We also learned that Joshua looks up to the mayor of his city. During an annual dinner party for foster families, Joshua received a red envelope and homemade cookies from the mayor. Joshua cherished these gifts deeply and when he saw others taking pictures with the mayor, he asked the mayor to pose for a picture with him! Regarding his medical needs, Joshua continues to go to the hospital for a follow up every three months to assess his mild scoliosis. Currently, the doctor has instructed him to avoid carrying heavy objects and wear a waist support belt. Joshua is still taking medication to help sustain his attention and has monthly checkups to assess medication dosages. To see updated photos and videos of Joshua, please request to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook! To learn even more about Joshua and view his full profile, please contact Original post: Joshua is a 7-and-a-half-year-old boy with a lively personality. Joshua has been living in the same foster family for 2 years now. We hear he has a regular daily routine, a good appetite, and goes to sleep on time each night. He is a curious young boy and is not shy to approach individuals that he meets for the first time. Joshua particularly likes to play with toy cars as well as do mathematics. He often finishes in advance the pages in the textbook that have not yet been assigned by the teacher. Also, when he sees a question with some Chinese characters that he doesn’t know, he will ask other classmates to read it for him. He is also learning English in school and can already count to 10! Joshua has developmental delays, mild scoliosis, and ADHD which is controlled with medication. Joshua has made noticeable improvements in speech, cognition, and self-care ability since he began schooling at a Developmental Center in September of 2019. He is now attending 1st grade in Taiwan elementary school and enjoys going to school every day. His teachers report that he has continued to improve his comprehension and compliance with instructions. We have many photos and videos of Joshua, including him dancing, reading English, folding clothes, and much more! If you think you may be interested in learning more about Joshua, please don't hesitate to reach out to to request his file!
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