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Aaron from Texas



from Texas

Aaron is an ambitious teenager who is best described as athletic and energetic. Aaron has a passion for playing sports, but particularly basketball. Aaron aspires to become a famous basketball player and play for the NBA. Aaron also aspires to attend college and become a respiratory therapist. Aaron has expressed wanting to be adopted. Aaron would love a family who shares the similar interests that he has. Aaron would love an older brother, as he is in need of a male role model. However, he has expressed that he would be okay with a younger brother. Aaron is respectful and has the potential to do well, he just requires some direction as most teenagers do. Aaron wears his heart on his sleeve and is very loving. In his free time he enjoys playing video games and listening to music.

An active two parent household that enjoys playing sports and doing outdoor activities will be best suited for Aaron. A family who will be patient and understand the needs of a teenager will also be best suited for Aaron. Aaron will do well with a family who will also provide him with consistency, structure, stability, and permanency. Aaron would like to maintain contact with some of his biological family members so a family who supports this contact is highly needed.

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