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Aayan from Texas



from Texas

Aayan is a sweet and respectful youth who looks forward to joining his forever family! He enjoys playing video games, football, and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys playing games and watching movies. Aayan can open up and create personal relationships with those who love and support him. He makes friends easily and is well liked and considerate of others. Aayan is grateful for all things. He likes to work hard to meet his goals. Aayan is a smart youth who does well in school. He looks forward to attending college after he completes high school. Aayan is a very responsible child, he currently employed and working towards saving money to purchase his first car. His number one wish is to join his forever family someday.

Aayan will thrive in a family who can give him guidance, stability, and the opportunities to make his own choices. He likes to build close relationships with those around him. Aayan looks up to those who believe in him.

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