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Abelia from Texas



from Texas

Abelia is a spunky young girl who likes to be around her brothers. She is always polite and respectful in her foster home and is always one to volunteer to assist with whatever small tasks are needed to be done around the home. In regards to education, Abelia does well in school, she earns good scores and passing grades. She welcomes learning new things and expanding her knowledge. When she is just wanting to relax and have some down time, you can find her listening to some music. She likes tinkering in arts and crafts and will be excited at an opportunity to try something new in this subject. Abelia gets along with her peers and has fun playing with others. When it comes to her appetite, she is not the pickiest eater as she favors spicy foods. Just like most kids her age, she loves candy as well. Abelia will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Francisco, Gilbert, and Abelia are a sibling group close in age, they care for one another, they love each other, and they all have their own different personalities that make them unique from one another. Francisco is the eldest of the group, he tends to keep to himself and likes to fly under the radar a bit more than the other two. Francisco cares about his younger siblings and although it may not be very obvious at first, he has a very big heart. Gilbert is the outgoing and socialite of the group, he's lighthearted and can be seen trying to make others laugh constantly. Abelia is the youngest sibling, she likes to be helpful around the home and do typical girly things. They are a bright young bunch, they do very well in school and have an even greater potential should they have a family to encourage them in their education.

Abilia's forever family will take her to explore new adventures and extracurricular activities. Abilia and her brothers have requested a preference to have a family who can cook Pho for them. She would welcome a family who has pets as she loves animals.

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