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Adora from Texas



from Texas

Adora is a very happy, sweet, and loving young girl. She is friendly, outgoing and playful. She enjoys learning new things, singing, drawing, shopping, and going out. She also enjoys playing soccer and volleyball and loves music. Adora is very forthcoming with her feelings. She is very affectionate and loves to be shown love and attention. Adora enjoys getting rewarded for good behavior and tries to improve herself in school. Adora has significantly enhanced her view of herself, future goals and emotions this year. When she gets older, she wants to be an esthetician. Some of Adora's favorite foods include pizza, chicken nuggets, smoothies, and pasta. Her favorite color is blue. Adora enjoys engaging in fun group activities. Adora does well with reciprocated love and affection

Adora would like a two-parent home and would more than likely do best with two parents. She would love to have an older brother or sister. She would like a family who is affectionate and understanding. She would like a family who is willing to learn with her as she grows. She would love a family who loves to spend time together and engage in fun activities. She is ready to find her forever nurturing home, one with lots of love, patience and understanding.

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