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Aelvin from Texas



from Texas

Aelvin likes to play video games, such as FortNite and Minecraft. He also likes to play sports and is very athletic. He likes to play soccer, football, basketball and can ride a bicycle. He is currently on the soccer team at his middle school. He is very athletic and is very good at playing soccer. He likes to look nice, so he always has a stylish haircut. Aelvin likes to wear jewelry, and colognes because he also likes to smell good too. He loves music, he likes to listen to rap music, and as well as other types of music such as Spanish music. He is a good child, who listens and behaves as well. Like other kids his age, He does misbehave at times, but is easily redirected and follows rules. Aelvin will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Aelvin's family will provide structure and rules for him to follow. Aelvin's family will embrace him and his cultural differences. His family will challenge him to do better at school and in his future.

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