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Aiden from Texas



from Texas

Aiden is a fun, caring, and encouraging kid who loves to interact with others. He is a very likable child who cares about those he is close to. When he is spending time alone, he likes to draw, read, or just watch TV. Aiden excels at playing sports. He especially enjoys football and basketball but says he would like to try baseball and hockey. Aiden even made the school basketball team. Aiden does very well in school academically as well. He has good grades and stays out of trouble. Aiden enjoys reading Japanese novels and watching anime. He would spend hours playing video games if he could. Outdoor activities like riding four wheelers and paintballing make Aiden just as happy as indoor activities. Aiden gets along well with his peers and makes friends easy.

Aiden will thrive in a two-parent home. He would like to be in an active family who loves the outdoors like he does. Dirt bikes and four wheelers would be a plus in his eyes. One of Aiden's wishes is to have a younger sibling so he can teach them right from wrong and show them love. He has a strong desire to teach and care for younger siblings and be there for them as they grow up. Aiden loves dogs and would love to have a family pet with his forever family. He will benefit from a family who has straight forward rules and expectations. Aiden needs a family who will encourage him every step of the way.

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