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Alyysia from Texas



from Texas

Meet Alyysia; she is the only girl out of this sibling group of four. She is very calm and independent. Alyysia loves to spend time with her foster family and siblings. She enjoys going to church and social events. Alyysia loves going on family and social outings and enjoys playing games. She likes to be "girly" and enjoys painting her finger nails and toe nails. Alyysia also likes riding her bike and playing outside. Like most girls her age, she also enjoys music, arts and crafts, eating out, going to the movies, and jumping on the trampoline. Alyysia loves to help her foster mom in the kitchen. She is very easy going and calm. Alyysia is the quietest of her siblings.

Alyysia and her siblings are extraordinary children and their dream family is one that includes a mom, dad, and maybe older siblings. The best forever family for the Alyysia is one where she will be adopted with her brothers. She will benefit from a couple who is active and can provide attention to all four children. The parents will need to adjust to the children's different personalities. Alyysia will greatly benefit from a family who will provide consistent boundaries and supervision. They will need to be patient as the children transition into the home.

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