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Amari Seree from Texas

Amari Seree

Amari Seree

from Texas

Amari is an outgoing and talkative teenager. He has a very caring personality and feels emotions deeply. Amari cherishes close relationships and strives to make new friendships frequently. He is energetic and likes to play sports. His favorite activities include swimming, playing basketball, reading, and drawing. He loves music and is currently learning how to play the guitar. Amari is caring, polite, and respectful towards others. He thrives in a structured environment where the expectations are clear, though he is working on accepting change. Amari has a sweet tooth and loves candy, cookies, and any type of dessert. He also loves eating catfish and squash. Amari is wise beyond his years and is very self-aware. He acknowledges his short-comings and works on those. He is also able to identify his strengths, such as caring deeply about those around him and being able to hold a conversation with someone new.

Amari will thrive in a two-parent home where he is the only child. His ideal family will have structure, clear communication, and outline their expectations. Amari's family should encourage him to have ongoing contact with his birth mother.

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