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Andrea from Texas



from Texas

Andrea is a happy & easy going girl who likes to make new friends. Academically, she was nominated for the gifted and talented program at school. She is easy-going, talkative, and a happy child. She shares her likes and wants easily. Others describe her as having a bold and daring personality. She loves playing with her Barbie dolls and with her sisters. Andrea enjoys swimming in the pool or gardening with her sisters. She is working on learning ways to control her emotions. Some of her favorite past times include singing and dancing. She enjoys dressing up and posing for photos. She loves to go shopping for new shoes and clothes. She also enjoys running, playing outside with her sisters. She hopes to have her own pet one day. Andrea will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Mya, Alinah, Jenissa, Andrea, Martin, and Matthew are ready to find their forever family. Although they have individual interests, they enjoy many activities together such as playing with toys, enjoying the outdoors, and visiting parks and restaurants. This group of siblings enjoy celebrating all occasions, having fun times together on trips to the beach and zoo, and love competing with one another in bowling. Martin and Matthew are the youngest of the group and spend a lot of time with their oldest sister, Mya. Mya takes care of them and guides them through their daily activities. Mya is usually in charge when it comes to games or leading in tasks with her siblings. Alinah, Jenissa, and Andrea have a close bond and usually helps Mya with caring for Martin and Matthew. Mya, Alinah, Jenissa, Andrea, Martin, and Matthew are close to one another and can usually be found entertaining each other with games and activities.

Andrea would like to be adopted by a two-parent household. Her forever family will be patient while she works on positive ways to express her frustrations. Andrea wants to be adopted with her siblings. Her forever family will be active and encourage her. Her family will provide her with a structured and stable environment. Andrea's forever family will keep her focused and moving forward as she continues to develop positive social skills.

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