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Aria from Texas



from Texas

Aria is a well-rounded child who is a real trooper. She will be able to attend school in person this coming school year and is nervous and excited because she gets to interact with children her age. Aria likes to play with small toys, especially ones that will fit into her doll house. She also likes to play with beads and make jewelry. She enjoys playing with Legos as well. Aria also likes to sing and make up her own songs. She likes to make people happy, and by doing that, she can make them something to eat since she likes to cook. Aria also loves a good pizza with friends and family. She likes small animals and likes to go to the zoo to see them but would really like to have a cat of her own to play with.

Aria's forever family will consist of two-parents or a single-parent that has a medical background and a good support system. Her home would need to be one story. It is preferred that there are no other primary medical needs children in the home so that the focus could be on her needs. Aria's forever family will love her unconditionally.

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