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Ashton from Texas



from Texas

Ashton is a youth in the middle of a growth spurt! He is growing taller than his peers daily, but he embraces his height and loves to play basketball, tag football, soccer, and Frisbee. Some of his favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, and chicken. Ashton also enjoys playing video games and being on his computer or iPad. He enjoys listening to music and watching movies in order to relax. His favorite subjects in school are PE, computer, and art class. Ashton has a sibling, who is not a part of this adoption, with whom he would like to maintain contact as well as other members of his family. He benefits from additional support in school to do his best.

Ashton would like a family who will support him into adulthood. His family will be open to him having contact with his biological sister and other biological family members. Ashton's family will support his educational needs and seek out any needed resources.

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