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Asih from Texas



from Texas

Asih's is a bright, intelligent young lady who is adored by her caregivers. She has a very good sense of humor and generally stays pretty positive. Church attendance is very important to her and she hopes to continue attending a Christian service wherever she is placed. She likes to listen to music, sing and watching movies, particularly comedies. She is a great student and finished her last school year with all As and Bs. She bonds quickly with adults and has several friends in her peer group. She can come across "sassy" at times but is easily redirected. She enjoys basketball, volleyball, track, and cheerleading. She knows how to crotchet and has participated in 4H competitions. She loves all animals and would love a family who has animals in the home. Asih longs for a family to give her a permanent home. She is hopeful to find a connection to a family soon.

Asih's forever family will embrace her artistic side and support her in exploring that strength. Her family will provide her with structure and be transparent with her on the rules and expectations which are in place in the home. Having a family who has knowledge and health diabetes and makes regular healthy choices, with a lower-carbohydrate diet will be ideal. Her favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper. Asih's forever family will provide for all of her needs. Her family will be patient with her and love her unconditionally.

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