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Aurora from Texas



from Texas

Aurora is a very energetic little girl and is always on the move. She loves being outside and specifically loves to swing. She also likes to jump on the trampoline. She does grow tired easily and will require assistance when this happens. She likes to climb everything and has an adventurous spirit. She is non-verbal and is receiving services to aid in this area. Aurora is expressive of her needs through crying and the use of different sounds to express how she is feeling. She expresses happiness by smiling, laughing, or giggling. She likes to play with toys that light up and plays music. She also likes toys that engage her senses. She likes different textures. She enjoys going to indoor play places and being able to run and explore. She is curious about her surroundings and experiencing new things. Overall, Aurora is described as playful, adventurous, and fun. She has a bright smile and is a happy child.

Aurora's forever family will provide her with structure and be able to meet all of her needs. She requires constant supervision. Her family will show her a lot of attention and redirection. Her family will provide her with a consistently structured home environment.

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