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Austin from Texas



from Texas

Austin is a pretty cool guy. He is quiet at first, but will open up more fully when he gets to know someone. He speaks politely and respectfully to adults, and jokes around with kids his age. Austin takes pride in his appearance, making sure that shirts are pressed and everything matches. He loves to play all sports, as well as video games, especially sports-related games. He has many friends. He is easy to communicate with as he is always talking and volunteering information. Austin's principal describes him as a good kid, and there have been no behavior issues at school. He works on maintaining good behavior at home. Austin is an affectionate boy. He proactively maintains relationships with adults who've helped him through his years in foster care

Austin would do well with parents who have lots of love to share, and plenty of time to support and guide him individually as he navigates the difficult teen years. He would do well in a home with any combination of parents, male and/or female as long as there was both love and structure. He's easily influenced by older boys, so an older sibling who could influence him positively would be great. An older sibling who was a bad influence could lead to problems. Most important is that he be in a family that will give him individual attention relating to school work, life skills, and social skills.

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