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Austin from Texas



from Texas

Austin is a very kind young man who has a big heart. He enjoys playing sports and video games. He also loves music and hanging out with his friends. Austin is smart and likes attending school. He enjoys learning new things and helping in the classroom when he can. He respects adults and tends to be a leader. Austin loves to eat and reports that his favorite food is a hamburger whether its home cooked or from any fast-food place. He enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. He describes himself as a gentle giant and feels at times he is misunderstood and really wants the best for people. Austin loves to joke around and make people laugh. He has goals of playing in the NFL when he grows up and would like to attend college for cosmetology.

Austin's forever family will be one that is outgoing, understanding, supportive and will encourage all his dreams. Austin desires a two-parent household with a strong support system. His forever family should be committed to meeting his needs and guiding him to adulthood.

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