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Autumn from Texas



from Texas

Autumn has a beautiful smile, and bright personality that shines through and through when you get to know her. Autumn can be shy at times, but once she opens up, expect to have some good laughs and good conversation. She loves to play board games and card games, so expect to see her competitive nature when engaging in some one-on-one time or family fun. Autumn is kind to her peers and loves snuggling with cats. She enjoys being outside, playing, riding bikes, and roller skating. Autumn is kind, talented, accepting of others and has a positive outlook on life. She is smart, helpful, creative, loves learning, and doing TikTok dances. Autumn is very creative, a good singer, and a good artist as well. She enjoys drawing and working on original projects. Autumn is interested in playing volleyball in school. She is a fun girl who is very deserving of a loving family.

Autumn's forever family will be one that is adaptive, supportive and accepting. She is open to different compositions of families. She would like a family who desires to spend quality time with her, is accepting of her, and is open to the LGBTQ+ community. She needs a family that is encouraging, helpful, patient, and attentive to her needs. Autumns is very creative and will thrive with a family who can cultivate her gift/passion as well.

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