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Avanti from Texas



from Texas

Avanti is an energetic, spontaneous, and sometimes impulsive young teenager. It takes he a while to warm up to people but once he feels comfortable, he is very outgoing. He is laid back but is very expressive if he feels passionate about something. He loves to play with his drone outdoors and can keep himself entertained for hours. He also likes to play with Roblox on the computer and tablet. He isn't sure about what he wants to be when he grows up but shows interests in computers and building with Legos. He likes to eat Oreo cookie milkshakes. He likes to play arcade games and ride roller coasters. He has a twin sister Ashanti, and they have a very strong bond. They are both close with their older brother, Jaylin.

Avanti would love to have a permanent home and would do well with a two parent traditional home, as well as a single parent. He is seeking to bond with someone permanently. He needs an active family, with parents that participate in activities outside of the home.

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