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Azmarelda from Texas



from Texas

Azmarelda likes to have fun and join in on family outings. She likes to be with other kids and has lots of energy to play and have fun. She likes attention and reaches out for attention. She likes to color and paint and loves to use canvas for her drawings and paintings. She likes to be the boss but is easily redirected to be a kid. She does well with her peers but should be the only child in the home as she feels secure in herself to direct others. She wants to play the tuba in band and be part of a group. She likes music and wants to learn play music. Azmarelda likes to dance to music on the radio. She loves school and makes good grades. She especially wants to be in groups at school. She likes to draw abstract and color on canvas.

Azmarelda's forever family will love and care for her. She wants to live in the city where there are things to go and do. She likes to go on outings like shopping and just to have a soda with her family. She likes clothes and wants a family to provide for her financial future. She wants to have all the attention she can and wants others to look forward to seeing her. Azmarelda wants a mom, or mom and dad. She does not care if it is a single parent or two parents as long as they pay her lots of attention and love her. Azmarelda would rather live in the city than the country. Azmarelda wants someone to call her parents and to love her for who she is.

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