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Benjamin from Texas



from Texas

Benjamin is pleasant, friendly, and outgoing. He enjoys recreational activities outdoors. He likes to play video games, draw, and basically likes all sports; however, if Benjamin had to pick one sport, it would be football. He is a big Dallas Cowboy fan. He enjoys working with his hands and is currently in welding in school. He has a quick wit and loves to engage in deep conversations on various subjects. He is a dog person and prefers a dog if he has a pet. He gets along with peers and likes to build relationships. Benjamin is respectful to adults and is cooperative with following directions. He describes himself as being kind, loving, and respectful. Benjamin would like to one day receive a Ph. D and become a successful Neurosurgeon.

Benjamin's forever family will be supportive and consistent for his therapeutic growth and development. He is open to living in the city, suburbs, or in the country. He would prefer older siblings. His family will provide a patient and structured home environment. He thrives on encouragement and positive reinforcement when he does well. His family will provide a stable, consistent, and nurturing family. His family will provide boundaries, rules and expectations are clearly defined. His forever family will provide him with guidance and will model positive behaviors.

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