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Bianca from Texas



from Texas

Bianca is a fashionista! She takes pride in how she looks. She loves fashion, clothes, and getting her hair and nails done. Shopping and watching movies are some of her favorite past times. She enjoys dancing, tumbling, gymnastics and running. Bianca loves being creative and loves arts and crafts. She enjoys making things such as bracelets and headbands. Bianca makes friends easily. She is well mannered and very sweet. She is generous and likes to share her belongings with her friends. Bianca loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. Bianca also enjoys interacting with adults. If you ask her to sing to you, you may find her rapping to one of her favorite songs. Bianca aspires to try out for the track team at school. Bianca wants to be able to maintain in contact with her sister, post adoption.

Bianca would do well in a home that is nurturing and supportive of her needs. Her forever family will be supportive of Bianca's relationship with her sister. Bianca is seeking a family who will be supportive and guide her into adulthood.

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