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Bobby from Texas



from Texas

Bobby is an outgoing teenager with positive energy. He enjoys having a good laugh with his friends. He has a respectful personality and uses his manners well, even when he is being playful and joking. Bobby enjoys swimming, playing basketball, and playing video games. He is a Lakers fan. He enjoys music, with hip-hop being his preference. He prefers the indoors and using technology. Bobby does well in school, keeps a positive attitude, and has plans to graduate. After he graduates high school, Bobby plans to work toward his future, whether in the oilfield or hopefully operating a train. Although he has lots of energy, when asked what some of his favorite things are, he responded that he would rather sleep in or play video games over chores!

Bobby's forever family will praise and encourage him. His family will provide routine and structure. He will benefit from a two-parent family who can be strong role models for him and teach him what appropriate relationships look like. Bobby's forever family will be parents who will take the time to bond with him and build trust. His family will guide him into adulthood and be a positive support for him throughout his life. Bobby will do well in a family with school-age children or older. He would do well in a home with pets. Bobby's family will encourage and push him toward his educational goals and needs. His forever family will be one that is able to take the time to make new memories with him and encourage him to be himself. He will do great with a family who understands or matches his sarcastic sense of humor.

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