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Bobby from Texas



from Texas

Bobby is a friendly, smart, soft spoken, and sincere boy. First and foremost Bobby is a spiritual young man, who enjoys reading scriptures and also love reading books. He loves playing sports. Basketball and football are his favorites, with soccer coming in as his third favorite. Bobby also enjoys listening to music. He is intelligent and would be able to excel academically with encouragement and motivation. Also, he has an interest in joining boy scouts and he loves to go fishing and camping. Bobby loves playing video games on his Xbox or watching a movie when it is raining outside. Bobby is down to earth and has a smile which will warm your heart.

Bobby will benefit from either a single parent or dual parent household with no more than one sibling. He needs a strong, supportive male role model to provide guidance and structure and to be very firm with him, and if they're sports oriented, that would be a big plus for him Bobby has expressed his interests in sports but has never had the consists support to some guiding him and showing interests as well. A family who like watching movies together or fishing will be an ideal forever home for Bobby.

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