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Braedn from Texas



from Texas

Braedn is a polite child with a very genuine personality. He does not mind assisting others when asked to do so. Braedn is an intelligent, happy and adventurous kid. Braedn is a very inquisitive child, and he likes to take things apart to figure out how they work. Braedn likes to build things with Legos. He enjoys video games and watching Anime. He really enjoys music; his favorite is making music beats with his microphone and recording equipment. Braedn once talked about becoming a rapper but has since stated he wants to be an electronic tech. Braedn loves art. His favorite class in school is digital art. He is anxious to get a job and obtain a driver's permit and license. Braedn strives to build and maintain relationships with those close to him.

Braedn will need a family who will have patience with him and demonstrate understanding. It would benefit Braedn to have a family with a loving and structured environment. His family will have long term goals and plans to address any needs Braedn might have for his future.

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