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Braedn from Texas



from Texas

Braedn is a polite child who has a lot of potential. He does not mind assisting others when asked to do so. Braedn is a very inquisitive child, he likes to take things apart to figure out how they work. He is performing excellent in school and he continues to develop better study habits. Braedn likes to draw, and he has a big imagination. Braedn likes to build things with Legos. He likes Bakugan, as well as Five Nights at Freddy's, and anime. He really enjoys music. His favorite thing about music is making music beats. He is also very talkative. Braedn is the type of child who enjoys eating. He really, really enjoys pizza, McDonalds, and Sonic. Braedn also enjoys playing with Nerf guns and any type of electronics you can think of.

Braedn will need a family who will have patience with him and demonstrate understanding. He will need a family with a loving and structured environment. It would be beneficial for his family to have long term goals and plans to address any needs Braedn might have.

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