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Brayan from Texas



from Texas

Brayan is a very caring and compassionate youth. He interacts well with children of all ages. He inspires to join the Navy once he graduates high school. He feels the Navy can provide him with all the essentials needed to become a successful adult. A few of his favorite subjects in school include math, reading and gym class. Initially Brayan can be shy, but he can easily warm up to others with a conversation. Bryan enjoys laughing and willing to try new things. He enjoys sports and hanging out with his friends. Some of Brayan's favorite foods include, enchiladas, tacos and McDonald's. Brayan also loves traveling, biking and swimming.

Brayan will thrive in a loving, structured, and nurturing home environment. He will do well with a two-parent or single parent of either gender family. Brayan needs a patient family to help him through the adoption process since he is rather nervous. Brayan enjoys extracurricular activities and would love to be able to participate with an active and supportive family. He