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Brayden from Texas



from Texas

Brayden is a young male child who has a big smile and a big heart to match! He has black hair that he keeps neat and likes it cut. Brayden is loving and caring and always willing to help others. His favorite subject is Science. He enjoys nature and experimenting. Brayden is a self-starter and loves to play alone or in a group with his peers. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up because they are helpful in his community. He wishes to be helpful towards others in his community as well. In his spare time, he likes to play outside and play video games. At times, he might have disputes with his peers. When this occurs, he is able to be verbally redirected. He has two older siblings in care at this time. He benefits from positive praise and encouragement.

Brayden will benefit from a nurturing family who will provide him with attention, love, and affection. Providing him the opportunity to continue participating in supportive services will be beneficial. Patience and positive redirection from his family toward his behaviors will be helpful. His forever family will introduce him to new things while still preserving his culture. His forever family will set rules in place with an expectation for him to follow those rules. His forever family will continue to encourage him to meet or exceed educational expectations. He will benefit from parents who will encourage his independence, while offering supervision and support. He will thrive in a structured family who is consistent with their expectations. He will do well in a family who has other children residing in the home, there is no preference if he is the youngest or eldest in the home.

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