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Briana from Texas



from Texas

Briana is an outgoing child who can appear to be shy at first. She enjoys spending time outside riding her bike, swimming, and going to the park. She is very acrobatic and enjoys doing summersaults and flips. She has expressed that she wants to be a cheerleader. Briana also enjoys playing with her sister and other children her age. She likes taking trips and going on outings. Some of her favorite activities include going out to eat, trips to the park, and going to water or amusement parks. She loves traveling and has gone on several family vacations. Briana often uses her foster parent's cell phone in order to engage in interactive play and learning.

A'aliyah and Briana have been together since they were born and have a very strong sibling bond. These active children love socializing, playing games, and gymnastics. Briana takes her role of being the older sister seriously, as she is very protective of her younger sister, A'aliyah. Like other siblings their age, they have moments when they don't get along and they can have disagreements. However, this does not prevent them from enjoying each other's company. The girls respond well to consistent boundaries with clear expectations and rewards. A'aliyah and Briana are both friendly and outgoing children. They are very easy to love!

Briana needs a family who will provide her with unconditional love and patience. She needs someone who will be committed to her as well as committed to understanding her. Briana needs a family who will help her in all areas of life. Her best family will ensure she receives all the services or supports she needs. The ideal family will advocate for her educationally and ensure she receives the best education available. Briana does best when she receives plenty of one-on-one attention. It is important for Briana to be adopted with her sister so that they can maintain their sibling bond.

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