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Charlie from Texas



from Texas

Charlie is a well-mannered, articulate, and charming boy with a contagious smile. He loves all outdoor activities. He enjoys fishing and camping. He loves to swim, ride his bicycle, and jump on the trampoline. His likes to watch T.V. and his favorite video game is Roadblocks. He easily makes friends. He loves pizza, lemon chicken, and ice cream. Charlie is an intelligent child who loves to learn and does well in school. He is an honor roll student. He loves studying about the Alamo. Charlie's favorite subject is Math. He has very good communication skills. He is polite towards others and has pleasant conversations. He likes animals and does well with family pets. He is very helpful and is very good in completing his chores. He looks forward to being with his forever family and is excited about being adopted.

Charlie's forever family will provide patience, consistency, stability, structure and guidance. His family will help Charlie fulfill his goals and dreams. His environment must be nurturing and stimulating where he can continue to learn and thrive. His family will be dedicated to building trust. Charlie would love a home that has an older male child or no children at all. His family will provide him with lots of attention. Charlie has lots of energy. His family will take him on outings and outdoor activities. Charlie would like an older brother. He desires to have a mom and a dad.

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