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Chastidy from Texas



from Texas

Chastidy is very much like any other teenage girl. She has a social and bubbly personality. She likes to talk on the phone with her siblings, she enjoys being on social media, and she loves to dance and sing. Chastidy is sociable and likes to talk to others and make new friends. She keeps up with all the new TikTok dances. She likes "girl time" and enjoys shopping and painting her nails. She enjoys eating in her spare time, as well as coloring and drawing. Chastidy is good at communicating when she is comfortable and feels safe. She will talk about her feelings, but like other young adults, at times she needs reminders to accept responsibility for her actions. She will benefit from motivation, encouragement, and patience. Chastidy is a very independent child.

Chastidy craves a family who will commit to her forever. She needs a family who will provide consistency with love and patience. She needs consistency, support, and someone who will help her learn accountability and appropriate boundaries. She will benefit from a family who will give her space to talk about her history.

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