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Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is an active and intelligent kid who enjoys being outdoors. He is very shy at first and takes his time to warm up to new people. Christopher enjoys playing outside for a long time with his scooter or riding bikes. He also likes to skateboard and going swimming is his favorite activity. Christopher loves playing with Legos and can build with them for hours at a time. He enjoys having alone time, but also enjoys spending time with others watching movies or just hanging out. Christopher will benefit from a patient and loving family. He wants a family who will love him and not give up on him.

Christopher will thrive in a family who will provide structure and is understanding. His family will be patient and encourage him to pursue his goals and dreams while keeping him on task. Christopher will benefit from a family who can redirect him when needed. He needs a family who is active in the community and will keep him busy. Christopher is a bright child and with the right family, he will reach his full potential in life. He will do well with a family who can give him individual, one on one time to ensure a solid bond. Christopher wants a family who will invest time in him and who will be there for him.

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