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Chyanna from Texas



from Texas

Chyanna is a very smart girl who loves to sing. She tends to prefer time alone over time being social. She will take her time to warm up to new people. She has said that she chooses her friends wisely. She says that she will talk to just about anyone once she become comfortable. She has a strong desire to be successful in life, she does not want to fail. She is strong minded and determined. Like many teens she wants to learn how the world works, she wants to be heard, and she wants to feel like she contributes in some way. She is a child who thrives when being encouraged to see what she has achieved and that she is valued. Chyanna has many things that she enjoys. She has said that she likes to write her own rap songs, watch anime, and read. She likes books that are supernatural, Greek mythology, romance, and Manga.

Chyanna would do well in a family that keeps things light. Her forever family will hold her accountable, set boundaries, and dive her structures. Chyanna's forever family will enjoy things similar to her and will seek ways to connect and build trust. They won't take life too seriously and help her navigate the challenges of day to day life.

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