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Clay from Texas



from Texas

Clay is a very sweet and loving boy. He has a huge heart and instantly wants to help others. Clay is kind and genuine in his actions by offering to assist others when needed by carrying in grocery bags, holding doors open, or being mindful of his manners. He will often be very interested in new people who he meets, which requires a family who will have grace when he crosses boundaries with strangers. Clay has a very caring personality, and he will jump at an opportunity to give a hug to someone who he feels needs one. He loves to learn and is open to learning about new things that excite him. Along with learning, reading and drawing are other loves of Clay's. His imagination soars when given a pad of paper and a pencil! When out and about, Clay is always inquisitive about his surroundings and will not shy away from a chance to expand his knowledge. He enjoys playing board games and will always be ready to try a new game. He also likes to play football, and he enjoys watching a good game. Clay is very energetic, sociable, and enjoys being with other people!

Clay will benefit from a family who helps him learn ways to manage his emotions appropriately and help him in school. He will do well with older children in the home to interact with or as an only child. Clay needs a family who is patient, understanding, and empathetic.

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