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Cloey from Texas



from Texas

Cloey is a creative, active, and bubbly girl. She has a very energetic and magnetic personality. Cloey enjoys hobbies that showcase her contagious personality, such as acting and singing. She would love to appear on America's Got Talent or be on the Disney Channel. Cloey is a superstar in the making and she wants an opportunity to showcase her talents! She is a young lady but she's also not afraid of the outdoors. Cloey loves to do outside activities and play numerous sports. She would absolutely love to be able to go on adventures and travel the world. Cloey is fond of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. There isn't a sport Cloey doesn't enjoy! She can often be found dribbling a basketball, tossing a football, or swimming in the local waters. Some of Cloey's other interests include scrapbooking, watching movies, and putting together arts and crafts. Cloey is active in her church's youth group and she enjoys singing in the youth choir.

Ideally, Cloey would like to have a family who lives in a mansion so she could play hide or seek and maybe get lost in her own little world. Realistically, she would also be happy with a home filled with a supportive and loving mother and father who want to give her a chance. She would like to have her own bedroom. Cloey would be thrilled to have a family cheering her on in the sidelines in any activities she participates in. She also wishes to be in a family who travels. It is important to Cloey to find a family who will continue her relationship with her brother, who is not a part of this adoption. Cloey looks forward to finding a family she can create memories with!

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