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Damien from Texas



from Texas

Damien is a very active child who enjoys sports, video games, and watching television in his spare time. He also likes super heroes and wishes he were Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Damien reports that his favorite subject in school is math. He enjoys everything about school and has a desire to be a police officer when he grows up. He struggles some in school and will continue to need assistance to help him succeed. Damien also struggles to get along with others at times and reports that he becomes frustrated when people touch his things. He is working on developing better coping skills and he strives to do better every day.

Damien's ideal family will provide him with the love and attention he needs. He needs a family, preferably, with few children in the home so he can get the one-on-one attention he requires. He needs to be with a family that will help him through the difficult times and show him that despite those difficult times they will be there for him no matter what.